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iPower series switching power supply unit

•  A high-frequency electric energy conversion device converts a standard voltage to required voltage/current.

•  Overload, short circuit and overvoltage protection and electromagnetic compatibility complies with N55022.

•  Compact structure, reliable performance, small size, light weight, low power consumption, high efficiency.

•  To provide the required DC power supply for safe low-voltage electrical equipment in various applications.

3G3RX series inverters

•  With low-frequency and large-torque and its built-in programmable functions fit new high-end applications.

•  The closed-loop vector with servo functions of position control, home position return, electronic gear ratio.

•  Overcurrent, overvoltage, the built-in EMC noise filter complies with RoHS standards.

•  Mainly used in automatic control systems for motor speed control, energy saving of fans and water pumps, etc.

ATV310A inverter

•  Built-in Modbus communication protocol facilitates automation system integration, communicate with equipment.

•  Excellent load adaptability, starting and braking ability, and can resist the pollution in harsh environment.

•  Compact structure, cost-effectiveness, friendly man-machine interface, easy in installation and maintenance.

•  Widely used in the automatic control of machine tools, textile, ceramics, material conveyor equipment, etc.