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Armored temperature sensor

The sensor converts the sensed temperature to adequate output signal. It is equipped with thickened protective cap, imported temperature chip, and can be bent in installation. The armored temperature sensor can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gaseous media as well as the temperature of solid surfaces in different production processes.

Cable type temperature sensor

Cable type temperature sensors can be used for sensing the surface temperature of liquid, steam, gaseous media and solids, and are widely seen in temperature detection in greenhouses, warehouses, transport vehicles, refigeration storage, laboratories and production workshops etc.

Non-contact temperature sensor

The non-contact temperature sensor calculates the object surface temperature by measuring the intensity of infrared radiation emitted by the object without contacting it. The advantage of non-contact temperature measurement enables the user to easily measure objects that are difficult to approach or move.

Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor converts the temperature signals to electrical signal based on the law that various physical properties of a substance vary as a function of the temperature. it has the advantages of wide measurement range and fast thermal response. The sensor is always used for temperature detecting, measuring, displaying, controlling and overheat protection in machinery, hydraulics, and chemical industries.

Temperature controller

The temperature controller adopts pressure type temperature sensitive bulb and gas sensitive medium for monitoring, alarming, interlocking control, and logically protecting the gaseous or liquid media to achieve automatic temperature control. It is widely used in temperature control and regulation systems of machinery, metallurgical electric power and other industries.