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Armored temperature sensor

•  Integrated armor material, welded temperature measuring element, magnesia oxide powder and protective sleeve.

•  Stainless steel housing, thickened protective cap, imported temperature chip and can be bent in installation.

•  Quick response, less dynamic error, wide measuring range, high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance.

•  In industrial automation equipment and petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power process control field.

Cable type temperature sensor

•  Convert temperature variables to standardized transmissible output signals, can transmit long distances.

•  Imported core, stainless steel housing, good stability, high precision, strong shock resistance ability.

•  Measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas media and solid surfaces in various production processes.

•  Used for temperature detection in food, chemical, machinery, medical and other industries.

Non-contact temperature sensor

•  Calculate object surface temperature by measuring its intensity of infrared radiation without contacting it.

•  Infrared temperature sensors, non-contact, can measure objects that are difficult to approach or move.

•  High precision, quick response, wide temperature measurement range, long service life and good durability.

•  For instrument temperature detection in glass ceramics, paper making, cellar, furnace and other industries.

Temperature sensor

•  Convert temperature signals to the electrical by the law substance physical properties vary with temperature.

•  EMC shielded and CE certification, high mechanical strength, excellent insulation, good vibration resistance.

•  Pressure resistance, wide measurement range, rapid thermal response, good stability and long service life.

•  Test temperature in mechanical, hydraulic, chemical, engine, air conditioning, air pressure and other fields.

Temperature controller

•  An automatic instrument that opens and closes the connected circuit with the temperature changes.

•  Monitor, alarm, interlock, and logically protect the temperature to achieve automatic temperature control.

•  Less transmission error, accurate and reliable operation, and good stability.

•  Used in temperature control and regulation systems of machinery, metallurgical electric power, chemical, etc.