There are 5 Products

Incremental encoder

•  Provides a number of square wave pulses or sine-cosine pulse signals as the shaft rotates a certain angle.

•  The counting point can be set freely, which can realize the multi-turn infinite accumulation and measurement.

•  Simple structure, good compatibility, high reliability, long average life, strong anti-interference ability.

•  For shaft speed feedback of industrial automation site, relative positioning control, rotation angle, stroke.

Incremental encoder

•  Generate the number of pulses to measure the speed, length or position for various industrial environments.

•  Metal housing, strong impact resistance, compact structure, suitable for installation in limited space.

•  Strong anti-interference ability, with reverse connection and short circuit protection to ensure use safety.

•  To measure speed, acceleration, angle in fields of machinery, machine tools, automatic measuring and control.

Magnetic incremental encoder

•  Based on AMR/GMR technology, with compact design, water and oil proof, stable measuring system.

•  RS422 line driver, push-pull transmission, compatible with all conventional interfaces on the current market.

•  Used in extremely harsh environment, run reliably and accurately under high shock and strong vibration loads.

•  For speed measuring and positioning control of rotating mechanism in extremely harsh industrial environment.

High temperature/low temperature resistant encoder

•  With good mechanical structure, capable of bearing high axial and radial loads on the shaft or shaft sleeve.

•  Different mechanical installation ways and electrical signals outputs to adapt to the upper level computers.

•  With special signal chips, stable signal output, can work under the temperature up to +110℃, or down to -40℃.

•  For high temperature or low temperature applications in industrial environment.

Stainless steel corrosion-resistant encoder

•  Stainless steel incremental encoder with good mechanical damage resistance to bear high axial, radial loads.

•  Full metal stainless steel housing, has good shock resistance, can be used in strong corrosive environment.

•  Compact structure, good durability, high protection degree, easy installation and maintenance.

•  For harsh working conditions like pickling lines in metallurgical field and marine petrochemicals industry.