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Incremental encoder

The incremental encoder is mainly used for shaft rotation speed feeding back, relative positioning control, and rotation angle and stroke measuring. The encoder provides a certain number of square wave pulses or sinus-cosinus pulse signal as the shaft rotates a certain angle.

Incremental encoder

Functioning as a rotary sensor, the incremental encoder converts the rotation displacement signals into a series of digital pulse signals to indicate the equipment displacement result. It has advantages of strong anti-interference ability and high reliability performance. This kind of incremental encoder is mainly used for measuring speed, rotating direction, moving angle or relative distance, etc.

Magnetic incremental encoder

Based on AMR/GMR (anisotropic magnetoresistance and giant magnetoresistance) technology, and supported by LED intelligent status display and self-diagnosis functions, anti-interference RS422 line driver and push-pull transmission technology. Magnetic incremental encoder features compact design and suitable for speed measurement and positioning control of rotating mechanism in extremely harsh industrial environment.

Circular grating encoder

Functioning as a precision and highly reliable component for sensing the position, angular velocity and acceleration of the rotating part, the circular grating encoder converts these physical signals to electrical signals, and sends them to the display and control system for controlling the drive according to these signals. It is mainly used in automatic assembly machines, automatic production lines and elevators. 

Special encoder

Designed with good mechanical structure and special signal chip, this kind of special encoder is capable of bearing high axial and radial loads on the shaft and it can work in the environment with the highest temperature up to +110℃, or in the environment with the lowest temperature down to -40℃. It is special for high temperature or low temperature application in industrial environment.