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Scrubbing tower

•  A device to deal with the toxic and harmful off- gas and purify the acid fume.

•  High purification efficiency, corrosion resistance, less land occupation, low operation cost.

•  To purify acid and alkaline gas, acid fume, off-gas and flue gas with high concentration, high temperature.

•  Used as water spray, off-gas treatment, exhaust gas purification, waste gas absorption and scrubbing towers.

Spray header

•  A spray device controlling the medium spray direction and range in pickling, absorption and cleaning process.

•  Composed of the tank body, nozzle, connector, etc., can pass clear water or acid and alkali rinsing water.

•  Anti-corrosion, anti-high temperature, anti-wear, low fluid resistance, good spray effect, easy installation.

•  For cleaning, cooling, dust removal and other occasions in steel, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

FRP tower

•  An equipment that is made of glass fiber and lined with resin.

•  With corrosion resistance, permeability resistance and ultraviolet protection function.

•  For treating harmful gases in the hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen sulfide, sodium hydroxide and flue gas.

•  As towers of waste gas washing and purification, absorption, cooling, desulfurization, deodorization, etc.

Scrubbing tower

•  A device that deals with toxic and harmful off-gases and purifies acid fumes.

•  With strong corrosion resistance, simple operation and management, high purification efficiency.

•  For acid and alkaline gases, acid fumes and other water-soluble gases.

•  To purify various waste gases and treat absorption, dust removal in the industrial production process.


•  An indispensable device of the pipeline system.

•  Corrosion resistance, large filtration capacity, wear resistance, little scaling, long service life.

•  Used to filter foreign particles in the medium, divided into the plate filter and the basket filter.

•  Suitable for the equipment of cold-rolling, pickling and acid regeneration process system.

Mist separator

•  A device in the acid regeneration and acid-laden gas cleaning system.

•  Simple design, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging proof, long service life.

•  For further absorption of droplets to make the emitted gas meet the environmental protection requirements.

•  Suitable for cold rolling, pickling and acid regeneration process system.


•  A device that evaporates the atomized waste acid-laden water to thicken the waste acid.

•  With high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, UV resistance, long service life.

•  For acid concentration, absorption of chlorine, cooling and cleaning of roasting gas, etc.

•  Used in pickling waste liquid regeneration systems and Venturi pre-concentrators of chemical industry.

Spray header

•  An important device to rinse the strip steel surface residues of the steel cold rolling treatment unit.

•  Several solid cone nozzles or fan nozzles are designed along the length direction on each spray header.

•  Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, uniform spray, easy replacement.

•  Cleaning the strip steel surface of pickling, continuous annealing, galvanizing, degreasing processing units.

Spray header

•  One of the most widely used spray equipment in industrial production.

•  Simple structure, corrosion resistance, good spray effect and quick replacement.

•  For water spray, or other media spray.

•  For cleaning and purification of chemically corrosive industries, can pass acid, alkali solutions and water.

Scrubbing tower

•  A device that dissolves pollutants from gas phase to liquid phase, separates pollutants and purifies gases.

•  With corrosion resistance, simple operation and management, high purification efficiency.

•  For acid and alkaline gases, acid fumes and other water-soluble gases.

•  Treat and purify various acid gases and sulfur oxides generated in pickling and surface treatment processes.

FRP tower

•  Produced by winding process with glass fiber as reinforcing agent and resin as binder.

•  High strength, corrosion resistance, impermeability, ultraviolet resistance, long service life.

•  To treat sulfuric acid, chromic acid, alkali, paint, smoke and other waste gases, circulating water cooling.

•  As towers of off-gas purification, absorption, cooling, desulfurization, deodorization, neutralization, etc.