There are 4 Products

Laser texturing equipment

•  Consisting of fiber laser, CNC roll machine tool and control system.

•  Disorderly pockmark, pattern controllable, uniform texturing, high repeatability and visualized operation.

•  No pollution, low energy consumption, low noise, it can replace traditional shot blasting and EDM texturing.

•  Used in high-quality cold-rolled strip production of automobile, appliances, electronics and light industry.

Laser cladding/additive equipment

•  Laser, CNC machine, control system and robot to form multi-axis linkage flexible or CNC machining system.

•  The surface hardness of the cladding layer can be controlled at HRC20~60.

•  With characteristics of wear, corrosion, high temperature, oxidation resistance, long life and low cost.

•  For metal cladding or additive of metallurgy, mold, machinery manufacturing, automobile and other industries.

Laser cleaning machine

•  Consisting of laser, laser optical system and control system.

•  Featuring flexible cleaning, non-destructive substrate surface, portable movement, high removal efficiency.

•  There are a variety of structural forms or with robot according to different working conditions and objects.

•  Applied for laser derusting, deoiling, depainting, dezincing, film and coating removal of workpiece surface.

Laser quenching equipment

•  A multi-axis linkage flexible or CNC machining system composed of laser, robot arm and control system.

•  Mathematical model input, fine quenching temperature control, high efficiency and quality, intelligentizing.

•  Flexible robot, multi-axis CNC and on-site movable types available as per different working environment.

•  For workpiece surface hardening of rolls, gears, guide rails, shaft necks, cylinder inner wall, molds, etc.