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Oil cooler

•  The medium and oil exchange heat to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system.

•  With compact structure, light weight, high heat transfer efficiency and small pressure loss, etc.

•  The oil cooler has various installation forms and interface connection systems.

•  Widely used in metallurgy, petroleum, cement, electric power, light industry, food and other industries.

Flexible hose assembly

•  Mainly made from hose joints, multi-layer hoses and buckling parts through molding.

•  Flexible and convenient installation, good sealing, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

•  The hose joint is made of high quality carbon steel, with surface galvanized or oxidized treatment.

•  Suitable for flexible connection of hydraulic pipeline with large displacement of hose assembly.

Flexible hose assembly

•  For hydraulic power transmission or transport of water, gas, oil and other high pressure media.

•  With tight structure, soft material, pressure resistance, bending resistance and fatigue resistance, etc.

•  Steel wire braided hoses and steel wire wound hoses can be selected according to the working conditions.

•  In construction machinery, agricultural irrigation, natural gas, oil transportation and other occasions.

Flexible hose assembly

•  Composed of high pressure steel wire braided or wound hoses and steel joints, buckled by special equipment.

•  Oil resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, high pressure bearing, superior pulse performance.

•  The hose is of oil resistant rubber, corrosion resistant synthetic rubber, weather resistant special rubber.

•  Used for media transportation of hydraulic tubing, natural gas, oil, steel mills, chemical plants, etc.

Filter element

•  The filter element is processed with numerous small holes for filtering impurities.

•  With simple structure, good general performance, large filtration ability and high filtration accuracy.

•  It is usually made of metal wire, phenolic resin, bronze powder and stainless steel fiber materials.

•  Often used in oil tank filling port, oil suction line, oil return line and oil pressure line.

Tubular oil cooler

•  A kind of oil cooling equipment commonly used in the hydraulic system and lubrication system.

•  Wide heat transfer area, good heat transfer, no oil leakage, easy assembly and so on.

•  Can be divided into air cooled oil cooler and water cooled oil cooler according to the heat exchange medium.

•  Applied in plastics, engineering, mining, automobile, steel, wind power, aerospace and other industries.

Oil cooler

•  Mainly composed of backwater covers, shells, back covers and tube bundles.

•  It has the advantages of novel structure, small size, light weight and significant heat exchange effect.

•  The heat exchange tubes in the tube bundle are provided with low rib warped fins.

•  Used in hydraulic systems of metallurgy, mining, electric power, chemical industry, light industry machinery.

Plastic pipe clip

•  Mainly composed of metal bottom plate, roof plate, plastic pipe clips themselves and connecting screws.

•  With flexible installation, reliable fixation, neat arrangement and beautiful appearance, etc.   

•  Pipes with different diameters, quantities and numbers of layers can all be combined and installed.

•  Used for the steel pipes installation and fixation of low, medium and high hydraulic driving pipelines.

Plastic pipe clip

•  Plastic pipe clips are standard parts for fixing pipes.

•  Simple structure, reliable fixation, convenient installation, insulation and environmental protection, etc.

•  Made from materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, nylon, aluminum alloy and other types.

•  Used for installation of pipeline of hydraulic system and pneumatic system.

Welded pipe fitting

•  Welded pipe fittings are mainly composed of joint bodies, nuts, connecting pipes and seal parts.

•  With reliable welding, high strength, flexible size and diameter change, good sealing, etc.

•  Made of high-quality steel materials by mechanical processing.

•  Used in the connection parts of straight sections, turning corners and branches in the hydraulic pipeline.

Welded pipe fitting

•  A connection element between high pressure oil pipes and high pressure oil pipe joints.

•  With simple structure, high pressure resistance, strong connection and good sealing, etc.

•  Made of high-quality steel materials by the lathe processing.

•  The applicable media of welded pipe fitting are oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive media.


•  To separate the liquid and the solid that is insoluble in the liquid by the material solubility differences.

•  With novel design, large oil flow capacity, easy assembling and disassembling, long life, etc.   

•  The common types of filter element are mesh type, line gap type, paper, need to be replaced regularly.

•  Used in metallurgy, chemical, machinery, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics and other hydraulic systems.