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Servo controller

•  A controller, a part of the servo system to control the servo motor mainly for high-precision driving system.

•  Control the servo motor in a way of position control, speed control and torque control.

•  Speed, position deviation, torque monitoring functions and over-current, over-voltage protection functions.

•  For industrial robots, manipulators, production lines, CNC, food processing, material conveying equipment.

Torque controller

•  With open loop and closed loop control, can keep the tension in allowable range after the line speed changes.

•  Stepless speed regulation of motor via thyristor, stable voltage regulation, good starting performance.

•  Accurate and sensitive control, stable run, strong anti-interference ability, simple design and maintenance.

•  For that the tension is constant while coiling products, and motor performance matches the winding operation.

Differential pressure controller

•  To achieve differential pressure automatic control via monitoring, alarming, interlocking, logic protection.

•  A force balance instrument with reliable design, sound anti-vibration performance.

•  Small driving error, accurate and reliable control, good stability.

•  For pneumatic, hydraulic equipment in metallurgy, electric power, machinery, chemical and other industries.

Float magnetic liquid level controller

•  Emit electric shock signal by reed switch for liquid level control of liquids with solid, semi-solid floats.

•  The parts in contact with the liquid are made of plastic and have good corrosion resistance.

•  The exterior with no movable mechanism, the controller will not be stuck by the floating objects.

•  For liquid level alarm and control in production process of electric power, oil, environmental pro and etc.

Motor controller

•  A device that converts an electrical control signal to a motor control signal to control the motor operation.

•  Control the motor to work according to set direction, speed, angle and response time through active action.

•  DSP as digital drive control core, with highly reliable and large torque asynchronous motor as the drive.

•  Widely used in industrial automation, household appliances, transportation vehicles and other fields.

Weighing controller

•  Integrated with weighing and control, compatible with industrial field buses, can work with PLC and DCS.

•  Can weigh the material quickly and accurately to achieve automatic control, monitoring of production process.

•  Fast speed, high accuracy, stable performance, high reliability, powerful function and simple operation.

•  Fits for checkweigher, weighing machine, weight tester, sorting scale and various weighing control equipment.

Torque controller

•  A novel electronic voltage regulation controller used in conjunction with exclusive three-phase torque motor.

•  The tension and line speed keep in the allowable range during the continuous change of the reel diameter.

•  Good three-phase balance, excellent motor starting performance, stable speed, high efficiency, energy saving.

•  For the drives of coilers used in metallurgical, papermaking, machine tools and general machinery fields.

Pressure controller

•  Monitor, alarm, interlock, and logically protect gaseous, liquid media to achieve automatic pressure control.

•  Equipped with Two-Position control mechanism, can be adjusted separately without mutual interference.

•  Sensitive action, less transmission error, accurate and relaible control and good stability.

•  For industrial control of hydropower, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, petrochemical, electric power, etc.

Target flow controller

•  Monitor, alarm, interlock, logically protect water cooling system, liquid circuit for automatic flow control.

•  Accurate control, stable and reliable operation, easy regulation and mounting, simple use and maintenance.

•  Can be used in the application with water, light oil, heavy oil or other liquids as media.

•  In automatic control system of cooling, lubricating, filtering fluid circuits in metallurgy, machinery, etc.

PLC controller

•  An important core part of industrial control systems to control machine, equipment and automation process.

•  Can quickly respond and process input signals, output the corresponding signals for highly accurate control.

•  Plenty of programming functions and languages, can implementing the complicated logic control and algorithms.

•  Widely used in industrial automation, robot control, assembly line, smart home and other fields.