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Servo directional valve

The servo directional valve is a component, which converts the input electrical signal to a pressure or flow output signal with power amplified in the servo system. Thanks to its excellent dynamic characteristics, it is widely used for closed-loop control of position, force, pressure or velocity.

Servo valve

Servo valve is the main component of the hydraulic control system, which converts electrical variable or low-power mechanical movement to hydraulic output (flow or pressure). It is always used in control applications with high dynamic response requirements, such as steering system and strip centering system of payoff reel and tension reel, etc. 

Electro-hydraulic servo valve of G631 series

This series of electro-hydraulic servo valves are high-performance 2-stage flow control servo valve, which can be used as 3/4 way throttling flow control valves. It is suitable for servo control system of position, speed, or force (or pressure), and other automation equipment which is required to have quick dynamic response.