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Servo directional valve

•  A hydraulically piloted 2- or 3-stage valve for closed-loop control of force, position, pressure or velocity.

•  The pressure chamber on the control valve sleeve is designed with a gap seal, with no seal ring wearing.

•  Sound sensitivity, good rapidity, high dynamic characteristics, low hysteresis and zero drift.

•  Mainly used for pressure, flow or position control in hydraulic servo control systems.

Servo valve

•  The most important actuator element in the electro-hydraulic control system, applied for low pressure.

•  Rotary valve core and clearance adjustment structure, small friction loss, high repetition accuracy.

•  External manual mechanical adjustment, performance monitoring and online clean without disassembly.

•  For high precision control cases such as strip centering and correction of  electro-hydraulic control system.

Electro-hydraulic servo valve of G631 series

•  Core element of servo system control for electro-hydraulic signal conversion and hydraulic amplification.

•  It can convert the low-power electrical input signal into high-power hydraulic energy output.

•  Compact structure, fast dynamic response, high control precision, long service life.

•  Suitable for position, speed, acceleration, force (or pressure) servo control system.