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Hydraulic gear pump

•  A power element driven by the motive force to provide the pressure fluid for the system.

•  Compact structure, good performance, high mechanical efficiency, various optional specifications, etc.   

•  Key parts seals can withstand large torque load, with high temperature resistance, wear resistance.

•  Found in hydraulic system of engineering, building materials, metallurgy, coal mine and large load equipment.

Hydraulic gear pump

•  To transport or pressurize liquids via working volume change between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear.

•  Small volume, light weight, wide speed range, impact resistance, reliable operation, easy maintenance, etc.

•  Gears and shafts commonly of steel materials after carburizing and nitriding treatment, with high hardness.

•  Applicable to petrochemical, paper making, medicine, food, construction, road field and other industries.

Hydraulic gear pump

•  Mainly composed of pump bodies, drive shafts, meshing gears, seals and so on.

•  High volume efficiency, good performance, strong self-suction, impact load resistance, small volume.

•  The key parts are made of high quality materials and by CNC machining after heat treatment.

•  Used in engineering, transportation, mining and agricultural machinery and other hydraulic systems.

Hydraulic gear pump

•  An energy conversion device that converts mechanical energy into fluid energy.

•  Reliable operation, insensitive to oil pollution, impact load resistance, easy maintenance, etc.

•  The key parts shafts are of special steel, with high surface hardness, wear and high temperature resistance.

•  Suitable for construction engineering, machining, petrochemical and parts manufacturing industries.

Hydraulic gear pumps

•  Hydraulic gear pump is the heart of the hydraulic system, referred to as the oil pump.

•  Large speed range, strong self-suction, simple structure, small volume, light weight, good process, etc.

•  The key parts are made of high quality aluminum alloy materials, high precision manufacturing.

•  For hydraulic systems in marine, sewage treatment, environmental protection and municipal engineering, etc.