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FFF parallel multi-nozzle 3D printer

•  Multi-nozzle parallel, synergistic and efficient printing, built-in sovereign software.

•  Using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing principle, the equipment can be lengthened in series.

•  Excellent strength and stiffness, high manufacturing accuracy, multi-functional options

•  Used for large complex, high precision, smooth surface, material and color variety of product manufacturing.

Crawler shot blasting machine

•  Manganese steel or rubber tracks transport workpiece, shots thrown on continuously overturned workpiece.

•  High strength body shell, chain drive, electric controlled by PLC.

•  Adopt full curtain type particle separator, which equipped with feeding port to supplement pellet.

•  Suit for surface cleaning and strengthening of castings, forgings, stamping parts and non-collision parts.

Plate heat exchanger

•  Constituted by a set of laminated corrugated sheets to exchange the heat through plates.

•  Independent units sheets, increase or decrease sheet number can change the heat transfer area or flow length.

•  Compact structure, less area occupation, high heat transfer efficiency, flexible operation.

•  For heat exchange equipment for cooling or heating in machinery, metallurgy, HVAC and other industries.

Tubular heat exchanger

•  A device of cold and hot fluid heat exchange with wall of tube bundle in the shell as heat transfer surface.

•  Heat difference compensation device used to overcome difference stress between the tube wall and shell wall.

•  Simple structure, large processing ability, strong adaptability, flexible operation.

•  For high temperature and pressure or need for large-sized heat exchangers in chemical and petroleum industry.

Single-column hydraulic press

•  Solid C-type frame can bear high pressure, with easy workpiece loading and unloading, convenient operation.

•  Overall welded open structure can make the body sufficient rigidity and the most convenient operation space.

•  Adjust pressure head to press at any position, and adjust and fast forward the length of work stroke.

•  Used for the correcting of shaft parts and profiles, pressing of shaft sleeve parts, bending of plates, etc.

Electrostatic oiling machine

•  Use high voltage static electricity to make liquid oil atomized and adsorbed on the metal surface.

•  Composed of oil chamber, upper and lower knife beams, high pressure system, oil supply device and oil tank.

•  The coating film is uniform thin, the coating amount is adjustable and controllable, with reliable work.

•  Suit for oiling to metal surfaces such as strip steel and parts in the production line.

Roll texturing shot blasting machine

•  Steel grit is thrown by shot blaster onto the roll surface at high speed, making it rough and textured.

•  Shot blaster directly connected with motor, shot ejection and roll rotation adjusted by frequency control.

•  Blasting amount precisely controlled by PLC, textured roughness controlled, high texturing efficiency.

•  Suit for roughening and texturing the roll surface in metallurgical rolling mills and skin-pass mill.

Bar counting and separating device

•  Composed of image detection recognition unit, main control cabinet, operation cabinet, separator, software.

•  Bar steels are the ribbed bars and round bars of high-quality carbon structural steel and low alloy steel.

•  Accurate counting and separating, high efficiency, wide variety, flexible presetting quantity for bundling.

•  Used in automatic counting and separating the ribbed bars and round bars in the bar production line.

Laser texturing equipment

•  Consisting of fiber laser, CNC roll machine tool and control system.

•  Disorderly pockmark, pattern controllable, uniform texturing, high repeatability and visualized operation.

•  No pollution, low energy consumption, low noise, it can replace traditional shot blasting and EDM texturing.

•  Used in high-quality cold-rolled strip production of automobile, appliances, electronics and light industry.

Laser cladding/additive equipment

•  Laser, CNC machine, control system and robot to form multi-axis linkage flexible or CNC machining system.

•  The surface hardness of the cladding layer can be controlled at HRC20~60.

•  With characteristics of wear, corrosion, high temperature, oxidation resistance, long life and low cost.

•  For metal cladding or additive of metallurgy, mold, machinery manufacturing, automobile and other industries.

Roll texturing shot blasting machine

•  The roll surface is textured by high quality shot blasting, making working face uniform and rough.

•  Shot blaster directly connected with motor, blasting amount controlled by PLC, high texturing efficiency.

•  Movement of shot blasting device, shot material ejection and roll rotation adjusted by frequency control.

•  Suit for roughening and texturing the roll surface in metallurgical rolling mills and skin-pass mill.


Laser welding machine of strip

•  On-line welding machine, butting and welding the tail with the head of two coils by means of laser.

•  Stable welding, fast speed, narrow weld, sufficient penetration, uniform microstructure, high weld strength.

•  Automatically controlling in pressure, speed, centering, shearing, butting and welding, process parameters.

•  Used in continuous strip production lines that require high welding quality in the metallurgical industry.