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FFF parallel multi-nozzle 3D printer

•  Multi-nozzle parallel, synergistic and efficient printing, built-in sovereign software.

•  Using Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing principle, the equipment can be lengthened in series.

•  Excellent strength and stiffness, high manufacturing accuracy, multi-functional options

•  Used for large complex, high precision, smooth surface, material and color variety of product manufacturing.

Rotary side trimmer

•  The rotary side trimmer uses two disc blades to shear the strip edge.

•  Double cutterhead cantilever structure, cutterhead overlap, side gap and opening degree can be adjusted.

•  High strength stiffness, good speed synchronization, high precision, good shearing quality.

•  Suit for metallurgical industry pickling, rewinding, slitting and other production lines.

Pinch leveler

•  Used for leveling the strip surface, improving strip shape, has a certain descaling effect.

•  It consists of stand frame, pinch roll, leveling roll, screwdown device and drive system.

•  The main frame is of open housing design, two pinch rolls and 5~9 leveling rolls.

•  Suit for strip pickling, rewinding, slitting, degreasing, galvanizing and other production lines.

Scrap baller

    •  Scrap baller used for winding the scrap from rotary side trimmer, simple and practical, reliable running.

    •  Double conic structure makes fast clamping and coiling, even scrap laying, easy to operate and maintain.

    •  It winds the scrap cut from a whole coil continuously without interruption, easy to store and transport.

    •  Used for pickling, rewinding, shearing and other production lines.

Crawler shot blasting machine

•  Manganese steel or rubber tracks transport workpiece, shots thrown on continuously overturned workpiece.

•  High strength body shell, chain drive, electric controlled by PLC.

•  Adopt full curtain type particle separator, which equipped with feeding port to supplement pellet.

•  Suit for surface cleaning and strengthening of castings, forgings, stamping parts and non-collision parts.

Plate heat exchanger

The plate heat exchanger carries out heat exchange through plates, thus it achieves high heat exchange efficiency and low heat loss. The heat transfer elements are constituted by the several laminated corrugated sheets, and the heat exchange area or flow length can be increased or decreased by changing the number of sheets. This type of plate heat exchanger is widely used for liquid-liquid and liquid-steam heat exchange in different working conditions.

Tubular heat exchanger

The tubular heat exchanger exercises wall type heat exchange with wall surface of the tube bundle enclosed in the shell as the heat transfer surface. It is suitable for the high temperature and high pressure environment or the conditions where large-sized heat exchangers are needed in the production of chemical industry and petroleum industry.

Single-column hydraulic press

The single-column hydraulic press is of single C-arm design, which allows the operator to approach the working area from three directions and characterized by high guiding precision and good structural rigidity. The press is widely used for correcting and pressing of metal products.

Electrostatic oiling machine

•  Use high voltage static electricity to make liquid oil atomized and adsorbed on the metal surface.

•  Composed of oil chamber, upper and lower knife beams, high pressure system, oil supply device and oil tank.

•  The coating film is uniform thin, the coating amount is adjustable and controllable, with reliable work.

•  Suit for oiling to metal surfaces such as strip steel and parts in the production line.

Roll texturing shot blasting machine

•  Steel grit is thrown by shot blaster onto the roll surface at high speed, making it rough and textured.

•  Shot blaster directly connected with motor, shot ejection and roll rotation adjusted by frequency control.

•  Blasting amount precisely controlled by PLC, textured roughness controlled, high texturing efficiency.

•  Suit for roughening and texturing the roll surface in metallurgical rolling mills and skin-pass mill.

Vertical plain grinding machine with round bench

This vertical plain grinding machine is equipped with vertical grinding head and circular electromagnetic worktable, which is use the end face of grinding wheel to grind the workpiece surface. Suitable for plane processing of bulk parts in automobile, tractor, bearing, machinery and other industries.

Vertical plain grinding machine with round bench

This vertical plain grinding machine with round bench is of vertical column design with worktable slide. The worktable slide can move longitudinally and rotate along the guide rail in a mechanically driven way. The high power design offers high production efficiency of the grinding head. The machine is suitable for batch machining of annular parts of the tools, automobiles, bearings and valves, etc.