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Electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter is an induction measuring instrument used for measuring volumetric flow rate of conductive media based on Faraday's law. It is suitable for measuring volumetric flow rate of conductive liquids, corrosive liquids like strong acids and alkalis, and uniform suspension of liquid-solid phases such as mud, slurried ore fines, and paper pulp.

The electromagnetic flowmeter consists of sensor and converter. The converter adopts programmable low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, improving the stability of flow measurement with less power loss; Equipped with 16-bit built-in microprocessor and fully digital processing function, the flow meter has fast calculation speed, strong anti-interference ability, and high measurement accuracy; the SMD component and surface mount technology (SMT) installed ensures high reliability of the circuit. The measurement results are independent from the physical parameters, such as flow rate distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density, and viscosity. The electromagnetic flowmeter is applicable for the flow calculation in petroleum, metallurgical, textile, paper and other industries, and construction of water conservancy facilities and river dredging operation.
Technical parameters
-- Flow rate: 0.2~11m/s
-- Nominal diameter: DN6~2000
-- Rated pressure :0.25~32MPa
-- Medium conductivity: ≥5μs/cm
-- Medium temperature: -25~+180℃
-- Accuracy: ±0.5%, ±1% (as per diameter)
-- Measurement range ratio: 150:1
-- Installation: Integrated or split type
-- Electrode material: Mo2Ti, Hc, Hb, Ta, Pt
-- Inner lining material: PTFE, neoprene, urethane rubber, acid resistant rubber, etc.

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