Flexible hose assembly

Flexible hose assembly

•  Mainly made from hose joints, multi-layer hoses and buckling parts through molding.

•  Flexible and convenient installation, good sealing, fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.

•  The hose joint is made of high quality carbon steel, with surface galvanized or oxidized treatment.

•  Suitable for flexible connection of hydraulic pipeline with large displacement of hose assembly.

It is a flexible connection component made of middle rubber hose and different steel pipe fittings at its both ends for mechanical buckling connection to convey oil, water and other media. It is characterized by small bending radius, not easy to be flattened and bent, good bending fatigue performance, high-temperature radiation resistance, flexible and convenient installation, good sealing and so on. According to the working conditions and pressure, two types of hoses can be selected: steel wire braided hose and steel wire wound hose. Flexible hose assembly is widely used in liquid systems in various industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal diameter: 6 ~ 50 mm
-- Nominal pressure: 1.5 ~ 40MPa
-- Manufacturing standard: Chinese standard, German standard, American standard, Japanese standard (cone seal, end seal)
-- Design of pipe fitting at both ends: straight fitting, 45° / 90° elbow fitting
-- Assembly angle of pipe fittings at both ends: 0° 90° 180° 270°
-- Medium temperature: -30~80℃
-- AGTG1/G2/C3/C6-05~50

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