VVVF induction motor for lifting and metallurgy

VVVF induction motor for lifting and metallurgy

•  Speed regulation by frequency conversion, suitable for frequent starting, braking, overload and shock cases.

•  Wide frequency modulation range, smooth torque at low speed, no crawling, easy to match with the inverter.

•  Large overload capacity, high mechanical strength, small vibration, reliable use, long life.

•  Used in various machinery and equipment of metallurgy, lifting, mining, light and other industries.

The variable frequency motor special for lifting and metallurgy is especially suitable for the equipment that needs to operate for a short-time or intermittently, needs to be started and braked frequently, and needs to work under short-time overloading and great vibration or shock cases. It is characterized by wide speed regulation range, strong overload capacity, high mechanical strength, stable operation, small vibration, low noise, small size, reliable use, convenient maintenance and long life. VVVF induction motor is widely used in various mechanical equipment for continuous speed regulation and frequent positive and reversal running of metallurgy, lifting, mining, light and other industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Rated power: 1.1~220kW
-- Rated voltage, frequency: 380V/415V, 50Hz
-- Frequency control range: 3~100Hz
-- Ambient temperature: -15~40℃
-- YZP 90~315

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