Cylindrical gear reducer

Cylindrical gear reducer

•  Using spur gear or helical gear occlusion, the input shaft and output shaft are arranged in parallel.

•  Carburizing, quenching and grinding gear, shot blasting strengthens its roots to improve bending strength.

•  Strong bearing capacity, smooth transmission, high precision and efficiency, low noise, long life.

•  Used in mechanical drives of metallurgy, mining, transportation, construction, chemical, energy industries.

The cylindrical gear reducer is to reduce speed and increase torque, using spur or helical gear occlusion, used for the situations with high speed shaft speed not greater than 1500rpm, gear peripheral speed not greater than 20m/s. It is characterized by large bearing capacity, smooth operation, high drive efficiency, high precision, low noise and long service life. The hardened tooth flank gears are made of high quality alloy steel with carburizing, quenching, grinding process. It is widely used in mechanical transmission of metallurgy, mining, transportation, construction, chemical industry, energy and other industries.
Technical parameters
--Input power: 5~6666kW
--Gear ratio: 1.25~100
--Center distance: 80~710mm
--Working environment: -40~45℃

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