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Spring balancer

Spring balancer

•  Spring balancers, also known as elastic lifters, are efficient accessories for lifting workpieces or tools.

•  Advantages are small size, light weight, safe and reliable locking pin.

•  Suitable for automobile, machinery and home appliance industries or positioning work occasions.

•  Used for hanging heavy, long duration operating tools or equipment.

Spring balancer is an efficient auxiliary tool for various tasks on the assembly line. It is an efficient auxiliary tool for hanging and lifting workpieces or tools, and features small size, light weight and aesthetic design, and enables high work efficiency and much less workload. The balancer is equipped with safety locking pin, and works without any electrical or pneumatic hazards, can reduce the workload of operators and improve work efficiency. It is suitable for being used in different fixed working place, automobile mold production line, part welding activity, and assembly lines where the mechanical assembly workload is concentrated and need to be carried out with tools for a long time
Technical parameters
--Weight of lifted objects: 9~25kg
--Rope: steel rope
--Shell: iron
--Operate length: 1000mm, 1700mm
--Tool weight: 4.4~7.7kg

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