Ball valve

Ball valve

•  Mainly composed of valve bodies, valve spools, valve stems, seal parts and driving parts.

•  Compact design, quick opening/closing, low fluid resistance, high pressure resistance, reliable seal, etc.   

•  Various connection types and interface systems.

•  Most suitable for being used as the switch, cutting off or connecting the oil circuit.

For the ball valve, the valve stem drives the open/close component of the ball rotating to open the valve in a rotating movement. It has the advantages of simple and compact design, low fluid resistance, reliable sealing, high durability, and quick opening/ closing as well as easy operation. It is mainly composed of ball valve bodies and driving mechanism, with various connection types and interface systems. The valve is most suitable for being used as the switch and shut-off valve and is widely used in fluid systems of various industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal diameter: 10~50 mm
-- Nominal pressure: 20 MPa, 31.5 MPa
-- Connection: female threaded connection, male threaded connection (metric, imperial unit)
-- Connection type: threaded connection L or flange connection F
-- YJZQ-J10~32N, YJZQ-H40~50N

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