Pneumatic coupling

Pneumatic coupling

•  The air filter and pressure reducing valve are assembled into one component called the air source coupling.

•  With high pressure regulation accuracy, self-locking function, no pressure drainage, etc.

•  Valve body material is aluminum alloy, can be equipped with relief valve automatic exhaust device.

•  Used in light, plastics rubber, petroleum, heavy industry and other industries in the pneumatic drive system.

The air source first enters the air filter, the pressure is stabilized by the pressure reducing valve, and finally the compressed air is transmitted to the pneumatic transmission device. It is with high pressure regulation precision, self-locking function, no pressure drainage, modular and convenient installation, etc. It is mainly composed of the pressure reducing valve, air filter and fixed bracket. The valve body material is aluminum alloy. Pneumatic coupling is widely used in light industry, food packaging, industrial robots, plastics and rubber, chemical industry, petroleum, heavy industry, mining and other industries in the pneumatic transmission system.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal diameter: G 1/8~1
-- Nominal working pressure: 0.63Mpa
-- Connection: threaded connection (metric, imperial unit)
-- Medium temperature: -10~+60℃
-- 399-6~25

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