Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

•  The solenoid valve converts the electrical signal into a breath signal to operate the cylinder actuator.

•  With the positioning device, memory function, solenoid pilot and strong anti-dust ability, etc.

•  A variety of voltages, positions and channels are available.

•  To control actuator elements such as cylinders and diaphragm cylinders, and for program control air circuits.

For this series of directional valves, the solenoid pilot valve controlled through the electrical signal operates as an amplifier to control the compressed air for driving the main valve spool to change the direction. It features solenoid pilot, memory function, flexible and reliable actions, various installation forms, low requirement for air purification, strong anti-dust ability, etc. There are a variety of voltages, positions and channels to be selected. Solenoid valve is widely used to directly operate pneumatic actuator components such as cylinders or to control other components in pneumatic systems.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal diameter: 6 ~ 50 mm
-- Working pressure: 0.15 ~ 0.8 Mpa
-- Connection: threaded connection (metric, imperial unit)
-- Medium temperature: -5 ~ +60℃
-- K25D-8~50, K25D2-6~40, K35D2-6~40

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