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ATV310A inverter

ATV310A inverter

The ATV310A inverter is designed with the motor vector control, speed setting, Motor operated potentiometer, etc., and can resist the pollution in harsh environment. It is suitable for being used in general machinery, such as machine tools and logistics handling facilities, especially the textile machinery and ceramic machinery which generate heavy dust and cotton catkins.

The built-in Modbus communication protocol of the ATV310A inverter provides convenience for integration of automation system, and it is compatible with all PLC systems, enabling easily communication with other equipment. The ATV310A inverter is equipped with simple downloader and multi-function downloader to facilitate replicating or copying its configuration to another inverter, and it has excellent load adaptability, starting/braking ability, and harsh environment adaptability. This compact product is designed with overcurrent, thermal protection, and overload protection, and permits plug and play. It stands out for its friendly human-machine interface, and is easy in installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Its applications are widely seen in the automatic control of machine tools, textile equipment, ceramics production equipment, material conveyor, etc.
Technical parameters
-- Power: 0.37~11kW
-- Voltage: 380V-15% to 460V+10%
-- Overcurrent capability: 150% of rated current for 60s, 200% of rated current for 2s
-- Output frequency: 0.5~400Hz
-- Motor control mode: standard control (V/F), high performance (vector control), energy saving mode
-- Protection degree: IP20, IP41 top
-- Service temperature: -10~55℃, operating without derating 

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