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iPower series switching power supply unit

iPower series switching power supply unit

Switching power supply unit is a high-frequency electric energy conversion device that converts a standard voltage to the voltage or current levels required by the user through different ways of conversion. The unit of Ipower series is easy in installation and adaptive to diversified applications with different installation requirements.

The switching power supply unit is composed of sensing circuit, main circuit, auxiliary circuit and control circuit. It is equipped with overload protection, short circuit protection and overvoltage protection function, and its electromagnetic compatibility complies with N55022. The unit features compact design, reliable performance, low power consumption and high efficiency. It is widely used in industrial control, communication, medical care, R & D equipment, LED lighting equipment to provide the required DC power supply for electrical equipment of safe low-voltage.
Technical parameters
-- Input voltage: 85~264VAC
-- Output voltage: 5V/12V/24V/48V/-5V/-12V
-- Output power: 15~2000W
-- Load regulation: 1%~2%

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