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Cable type temperature sensor

Cable type temperature sensor

Cable type temperature sensors can be used for sensing the surface temperature of liquid, steam, gaseous media and solids, and are widely seen in temperature detection in greenhouses, warehouses, transport vehicles, refigeration storage, laboratories and production workshops etc.

The cable type temperature sensor converts the temperature variable to a standardized transmissible output signal that can be directly connected to a computer, control instrument and display instrument, etc. It supports long-distance signal transmission, and adopts integrated structure, 304 stainless steel probe and tetrafluoro-insulated silver-plated copper core cable (waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-interference). Additionally, cable type temperature sensor stands out for its good adaption to the applicable medium, flexible installation and high temperature and corrosion resistance. The cable type temperature sensor can be used for a long time in harsh environments.
Technical parameter
-- Measurement range: -200℃~250℃ (normal temperature type), 
-50℃~400℃ (high temperature resistant type)
-- Cable length: -0.5~2m

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