Acid pump

Acid pump

•  A special wear and corrosion-resistant chemical pump for various chemical solutions.

•  Double-layer structure, made of high-strength modified reinforced fiberglass composite material.

•  Suit for different working conditions, pickling line, acid circulating, acid transport, alkaline washing, etc.

•  Used as acid pump, pickling pump, acid circulation pump, acid transport pump, alkali pump, etc.

As a special wear-resistant and corrosion-resist chemical pump, the acid circulation pump is of double-layer design, and the inner one contacting the conveyed media is made of high-strength modified reinforced fiberglass composite material and one-time molded under high temperature and high pressure. This series of acid pumps are applicable for all varieties of acid and alkaline medium, and chemical solution, and they are characterized by sound corrosion resistance against hydrochloric acid with concentration of 3~32%. The pump is temperature-resistant and easy to install on site without water cooling. It can be used as pickling pump, acid circulating pump, acid transport pump, alkali pump and so on.
Technical parameters
Medium conveyed:
-- Flow rate: 2~360 m3/h
-- Lift: 5~90 m
-- Temperature: -5~+130℃

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