Acid pump

Acid pump

•  A special wear and corrosion-resistant pump for liquid containing small solid and easily crystallized particles.

•  Made of PFA, PPH, fluorine alloy, F46 or UHMWPE high temperature molding.

•  Suitable for different working conditions, pickling line, acid circulating, acid conveying, alkaline washing, etc.

•  Used as acid pump, pickling pump, acid circulation pump, acid convey pump, alkali pump, etc.

This non-metal special chemical pump is of horizontal single-stage single-suction centrifugal design. The mechanical seal is of combined type composed of built-in and external part that are made of pressure-less sintered SiC, featuring corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. The components of the pump contacting the conveyed media is made of PFA, PVDF, PPH, fluorine alloy, F46 or UHMWPE through high temperature molding depending on the media to be conveyed. The acid pump is widely used for pumping various acid and alkali liquid that contain small amount of solid particles and are easy to crystallize. The acid pump is suitable for different working conditions of temperature below 260°, pickling line, acid circulating, acid transport, alikali washing, etc. It can be used as pickling pump, acid circulating pump, acid transport pump, alkali pump and so on.
Technical Parameters
-- Flow rate: 1.6~400 m3/h
-- Lift: 5~80 m
-- Temperature: -20~+260℃

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