Servo motors

Servo motors

•  Accurately control variables of position, speed and so on, easy to realize intellectualization.

•  Voltage signals can be converted into torque and rotation speed to drive the controlled objects.

•  Large starting torque, good high-speed performance, wide operation range, anti-overload, no self-rotation.

•  For transmission mechanism in metallurgy, light, food, textile, paper, printing and dyeing industries, etc.

Servo motor can accurately control the variables such as position, speed and so on, with large starting torque, wide operation range and no self-rotation phenomenon. It has the advantages of high control accuracy, strong overload resistance, good high-speed performance, large low-speed torque, stable operation, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, small size, simple installation, safe and reliable, etc. Servo motors is widely used for transmission mechanism in metallurgy, light, food, textile, paper, printing and dyeing and other industries.
Technical Parameters
-- Rated power: 0.2~5.5kW
-- Rated torque: 0.637~27Nm
-- Rated speed: 3000~1500rpm
-- Rated voltage: 220V
-- DMF60, 80, 90, 110, 130, 150

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