Torque motor

Torque motor

•  Special motor with soft mechanical properties and wide speed regulation range, constant torque power output.

•  Strong overload capacity, high locked-rotor torque, small locked-rotor current, stable operation, small size.

•  Adopting voltage regulator for regulating, can operate at low speed and in locked-rotor condition.

•  For driving mechanism in metallurgy, light, paper, textile, plastics, and wire and cable industries, etc.

As a special motor with soft mechanical characteristics and wide speed regulation range, the motor is suitable for the applications of coiling, uncoiling, rotor lock protection and speed regulation. When the load increases, the motor can automatically decelerate accordingly with the output torque increasing to maintain balance with the load. It stands out for strong overload capacity, high locked rotor torque, small locked-rotor current, stable operation, small size, etc. And it adopts voltage regulator for regulating, with wide regulation range. Torque motor is widely used for driving mechanism in metallurgy, light, paper, textile, plastics, and wire and cable industries, etc.
Technical Parameters
-- Motor rated locked-rotor torque: 0.3~250Nm
-- Motor rated locked-rotor current: 0.25~110A
-- Service temperature: -15~40℃
-- YLJ 71~180

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