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Float magnetic liquid level controller

Float magnetic liquid level controller

The float magnetic liquid level controller operates in mechanical or electronic way to control the liquid level, and it can be used for controlling the solenoid valves, water pumps, etc. to achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic operation. It is always seen in liquid level measurement and control of the production processes in electric power, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

The float magnetic liquid level controller housing is made of engineering plastics, featuring high mechanical strength and sound sealing. The cables, which are made of special materials, are oil-, acid- and alkali- and corrosion resistant. The controller has simple structure and reliable performance. With measured medium completely isolated from the indicator, it is more reliable, safe and practical as compared with the conventional plate and tubular level meter, and it can provide over-limit alarm and remote automatic control while using with other instruments.
Technical parameters
-- Measuring range: 300~15000 mm
-- Accuracy: 10 mm
-- Working pressure: ≤ 2.5 MPa (standard); 
                                         ≤9.6 MPa (high pressure type); 
                                         ≤0.6 MPa (corrosion resistance type)
-- Medium density: ≥ 0.45 g/cm3; 
-- Medium density difference: ≥0.15g/cm3 (measurement interface)
-- Medium temperature: -20~+250℃ (up to 450℃ if specially required)
-- Medium viscosity: ≤0.4 Pa•S

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