Throttle valve

Throttle valve

•  A flow control valve that is simple and accurately adjusts the speed of the actuator.

•  It features simple structure, flexible adjustment, convenient use and maintenance.   

•  The orifice of the valve is of axial triangular groove throttle structure.

•  It is mainly used in the inlet throttling, outlet throttling and bypass throttling circuits.

Throttle valve depends on changing the flow area of the valve to adjust the flow, so as to realize the stepless speed regulation of the actuator. The one-way throttle valve is composed of the throttle valve and the one-way element to control the flow rate in one direction. It features compact structure, less failures, convenient manufacture and maintenance. The orifice of the valve is of axial triangular groove throttle structure, which regulates throttling speed, the pressure and temperature cannot be compensated due to no negative flow feedback function. The valve is suitable for the applications where the load of the actuator will not change greatly or the requirement for fluid speed stability is not high.
Technical Parameters
-- Nominal diameter: 14~40 mm
-- Nominal pressure: 35 MPa
-- Flow rate: 14~600 L/min  
-- Connection: female thread (metric, imperial unit)
-- Medium temperature: -20~80℃
-- DV14~40, DRV14~40

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