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One-way throttle valve

One-way throttle valve

Composed of valve body, valve seat and conic valve cartridge mainly, the one-way throttle valve is used for controlling the fluid flow, and throttling the flow as well while working as throttle valve. It is widely used in the speed regulation and time delay circuit of the hydraulic control system.

The one-way throttle valve, where the throttle valve and the one-way valve are connected in parallel, controls fluid flow by changing the throttled section or throttled length. The valve body is designed with a throttling port and a connecting port, and a pathway is designed between the valve body and the valve seat. The valve features one-way flowing if cooled and auxiliary throttling if heated, and it is not designed with negative flow feedback function, thus it is not possible to compensate for the unstable speed caused by change of the load. The valve is always used in the applications where the load change is low or speed stability is not required.
Technical parameters
-- Inner diameter: 6~40mm
-- Flowrate: 20~300 L/min
-- Pressure: 35MPa max.
-- Working temperature: -20~+70℃

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