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Torque controller

Torque controller

The torque controller is an ideal supporting unit of torque motor, which can keep the tension within the allowable range under the condition of constant change of tension and line speeds. It is suitable for the drives of coilers used in metallurgical petrochemical, cable, papermaking, lifting, machine tools and, general machinery fields.

The torque controller is a novel electronic voltage regulation controller used in conjunction with three-phase torque motors. It provides stable voltage regulation via thyristor for step-less speed regulation of motor, and enables the tension and line speed always keep within the allowable range during the whole coiling process. This efficient and energy saving product boasts good three-phase balance, excellent motor starting performance and stable running speed, and it is suitable for the drives of the coilers used in metallurgical, papermaking, machine tools, general machinery and other industries.
Technical parameters
-- Maximum working current: 1~200 A
-- Output voltage: 70~365 V
-- 3-phase deviation of output voltage: ≤±5%
-- Torque turndown ratio: ≤10:1

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