Electric wire rope hoist

Electric wire rope hoist

Electric wire rope hoist is a small equipment functions for lifting, towing, loading and unloading the objects by steel wire rope. The hoist is installed on the cranes running on the I-beam rails, including electric or manual single girder crane, double girder crane, cantilever crane, and gantry crane.

This kind of Electric wire rope hoist is characterized by compact design, low weight, small size, multi-purpose and easy operation. Two types of hoists are available: the hoist with single hook or double hooks, and the former one, with its durable wire rope, is capable of lifting at two speeds. The hoist can can be installed on the I-beam or installed on the cranes.
Technical parameters
-- Lifting capacity: 0.25~20 t
-- Lifting height: 3~30m
-- Working duty: M2, M3, M5, M6
-- Operating speed: 20 (30) m/min
-- Lifting speed: 8m/min; 8/0.8m/min

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