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Level transmitter

Level transmitter

As a level measurement and display instrument, the level transmitter provides accurate measurement and transmission of the volume, level and weight of water, oil and paste based on pressure liner curves of liquids of different densities formed at different levels. It is mainly used for level measurement and control in industrial field. 

The level transmitter can give reliable pressure measurement even under extreme conditions, and offers enhanced capabilities for level measurement of the pressurized and vented tank. It is safe-certificated, equipped with the state of art diagnostic functions. Designed to allow direct mounting, remote mounting, balanced and Tuned-system assemblies, this device can meet the various demands and process requirements for level measurement. The level transmitter stands out for its easy installation, high measurement accuracy, flexible application and long service life. It is widely used in level measurement and control in the fields of urban water supply and sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant, hydrological monitoring, reservoir, dam, and hydropower construction.
Technical parameters
-- Operating pressure: max. 68.9MPa
-- Service temperature: -105℃~410℃ (depending on filling liquid)
-- Type of sealing system: direct mounting, remote mounting, turned system, balanced system
-- Transmitter connection: repairable welding, full welding
-- Process connection: flange type, bolt type, sanitary type
-- Communication protocol: 4-20mA HART®, Wireless HART®, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus

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