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Inductive sensor

Inductive sensor

The inductive sensor is used for sensing the metal objects by measuring the variation of coil self induction or mutual induction coefficents. It is mainly used for automatic sensing in metallurgical, machine tool, metal processing and other industries.

The inductive sensor is composed of oscillator, trigger circuit and output circuit mainly. When a metal object approaches the sensing surface of the sensor, the trigger circuit will act to generate a digital output signal as the oscillation amplitude of the oscillator drops to a certain value. In addition to the advantages of fast dynamic response and non-contact measurement, it features simple design, high sensitivity and resolution, good repeatability and linearity. The inductive sensor is widely used to measure displacement, pressure, flow, etc. in industrial automation applications.
Technical parameter
-- Sensing distance: 0.2~100mm
-- Output type: PNP, NPN, NO, NC, LED indication, etc.
-- lectrical connection: cable, plug, terminal wiring, etc.
-- Installation: flush, non-flush, threaded installation
-- Shape: cylindrical, rectangular, Varikongt type, flat square, etc.
-- Ambient temperature: -25~+70℃ (up to 250℃ for high temperature resistant type)
-- Special series: high temperature resistant type, high pressure resistant type, extensive sensing distance type, anti-magnetic and anti-welding interference type, etc.

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