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Pinch leveler

Pinch leveler

Pinch leveler is used for leveling the strip, improving the strip flatness, and breaking the scale on the strip surface as well. Its stand is of open top housing design, and the pinch roll and the leveling roll are driven by motor-driven reducer or a distribution box respectively. In addition to the functions above mentioned, it helps for setting up the required tension with other equipment.

The pinch leveler is composed of stand, pinch roll (2 rolls), leveling rolls (9 rolls), screwdown device (or HGC) and drive system. The stand is of open top housing design with bottom fixed. The top part is open/closed by the hydraulic cylinders. The top pinch rolls is equipped with with spring buffers on the top of the housing, and the top leveling rolls are equipped with a worm gear screwdown system for reduction and roll gap adjustment; the pinch roll and leveling rolls are driven respectively by a motor-driven reducer or a distribution box. It is suitable for rolling line and processing line.
Technical Parameters
--Strip thickness: 0.8~6 mm
--Strip width: 600~1600 mm
--Strip speed: 90~180 m/min
--Pinch roll: 255/300 mm, 2
--Leveling roll: 150 mm, 5~9

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