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Pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitter converts the pressure variable sensed and processed by the transducer to standard output signal according to a certain ratio, and then transmits to secondary instruments such as indicator, alarming device, recorder and regulator for measurement, indication and process adjustment.

Composed of pressure transducer, measuring circuit and process connector, the pressure transmitter converts the physical pressure parameters of gas and liquid sensed by the pressure transducer to standard electrical signals. It has wide measurement range, high accuracy, compact design, and features shock and vibration resistance. The pressure transmitter is suitable for measurement and control applications in machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, chemical industry, hydraulic and pneumatic fields.
Technical parameters
-- Measuring range: 0~0.005~0~100MPa
-- Non-linearity: 0.25% BFSL or 0.5% BFSL
-- Output: 4~20mA, DC 0~10V, DC 0~5V, etc.
-- Electrical connection: form A and C Hirschmann connector, M12*1 circular aviation connector, 2m long cable outlet
-- Process connection: G1/4A DIN3852-E, 1/4NPT, etc.

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