Rotary side trimmer

Rotary side trimmer

•  The rotary side trimmer uses two disc blades to shear the strip edge.

•  Double cutterhead cantilever structure, cutterhead overlap, side gap and opening degree can be adjusted.

•  High strength stiffness, good speed synchronization, high precision, good shearing quality.

•  Suit for metallurgical industry pickling, rewinding, slitting and other production lines.

The rotary side trimmer is a power and tension shear which adopts a combined way of power shear and tension shear, used for cutting off the unqualified strip edge. It is of double turret cantilever structure, standing out for high strength stiffness, good synchronized operation, high cutting accuracy, good cutting quality and easy knife holder change, reliable performance, and long knife service life. It consists of knife turret, overlap amount and clearance adjustment mechanism, width adjustment mechanism, drive system and overrunning clutch, etc. The widening motor turns the lead screw to move the knife turret along the guide rail and adjust the opening of the cutter head; the overlap of the knife is adjusted through the eccentric sleeve driven by the motor; the clearance is adjusted via the worm gear. It widely used in metallurgical industry pickling, rewinding, slitting and other production lines.
Technical parameters
-- Strip thickness: 0.8~5mm
-- Strip width: 600~1600mm
-- Disc blade: Æ350mm×40mm
Lectotype serise
-- LST800, LST1000, LST1300, LST1600

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