Scrap baller

Scrap baller

    •  Scrap baller used for winding the scrap from rotary side trimmer, simple and practical, reliable running.

    •  Double conic structure makes fast clamping and coiling, even scrap laying, easy to operate and maintain.

    •  It winds the scrap cut from a whole coil continuously without interruption, easy to store and transport.

    •  Used for pickling, rewinding, shearing and other production lines.

Scrap baller is used for winding the scrap from rotary side trimmer to improve the reutilization value of the scrap. It is of double conic mandrel structure, and can continuously wind the scrap cut from one coil without interruption and with long service life. It consists of two conic mandrels, clamping device, scrap laying device and drive, etc. The mandrels rotation is driven by the motor or hydraulic motor, and the laying device performs reciprocating movement by hydraulic cylinder, to lay the scrap on the mandrels continuously until the scrap cut from one coil is completed balled. It features simple and practical design, fast clamping and winding operation, even laying, reliable performance, and easy operation and maintenance as well. It is widely used in pickling, rewinding, slitting and other production lines, to coiling the scrap into a roll for convenient storage and transportation.
Technical Parameters
-- Scrap thickness: 0.8~5 mm
-- Scrap width: 5~25 mm
-- Winding speed: 10~200 m/min
Lectotype series
-- LSB800, LSB1000, LSB1300, LSB1600

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