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Servo feedback encoder

Servo feedback encoder

The servo feedback encoder integrates the functions of commutation, and measurement of position and speed, and is installed inside the servo motor to sensing the angle and phase of the motor rotor. It is an important feedback unit of servo motor/motor system in achieving closed-loop movement control.

Servo feedback encoder with HIPERFACE® are a mixture of incremental and absolute encoders, combining the advantages of both encoder types. Using highly linear sine and cosine signals enables the high resolution necessary for speed regulation to be achieved through interpolation in the drive. Unified mechanical interface provides high flexibility, and it offers solutions for different performance classes through one mechanical interface. The systems are suitable for both single-turn and multi-turn applications. The electrical interface is characterized by electronic type label and temperature measurement.  Motor feedback systems with HIPERFACE® are mainly used for servo motors required to have high dynamic performance.
Technical parameters
-- Shaft diameter: φ6~φ50
-- 16~1024 sine-cosine periods per revolution
-- Absolute position with a resolution of 512~32768 increments per revolution, and up to 4096 increments per revolution with the multi-turn system
-- Mechanical interface: hollow shaft, solid shaft, tapered shaft, etc.
-- Design: integrated version and stand-alone design
-- Maximum speed: 12000rpm
-- Type: absolute single-turn, absolute multi-turn
-- Working temperature: -30~+115℃

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