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Servo valve

Servo valve

Servo valve is the main component of the hydraulic control system, which converts electrical variable or low-power mechanical movement to hydraulic output (flow or pressure). It is always used in control applications with high dynamic response requirements, such as steering system and strip centering system of payoff reel and tension reel, etc. 

Servo valve is a fast responding hydraulic control valve, of which the output is a function of the input. The single-stage valve is of frictionless rotary valve design with gap height control. With excellent sensitivity, less temperature drift and pressure drift, the valve dynamic behavior is almost independent from the pressure and current. EMG servo valve has the advantages of minimum friction loss, easy maintenance and long service life. It can be used in low level pressure applications and hydraulic servo control systems of metallurgical, chemical and other industries.
Technical parameters
-- Diameter of valve orifice: NG6~50
-- Flow rate: 4~1500 L/min
-- Pressure loss: 20bar
-- Number of valve stages: single stage, 2- stage
--Type: spool valve type, nozzle flapper type, jet pipe type, jet deflector type and flat plate type, etc. regarding the design, and
-- Electro-hydraulic servo valve, machine-hydraulic servo valve, gas-liquid servo valve regarding the input signal.

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