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One-piece pneumatic baling machine
One-piece pneumatic baling machine
One-piece pneumatic baling machine

One-piece pneumatic baling machine

•  One-piece type, the tensioning, sealing and cutting functions are pneumatically carried out on one machine.

•  Portable pneumatic strapping tool machine, easy use, lightweight body to save effort in operation.

•  Suitable for strapping and packing of coil, pipe, plate, irregular surface and large products.

•  Used for packaging and bundling of goods with strong fluidity or production lines in industries.

One-piece pneumatic baling machine will tighten, seal and shear functions in one machine operation. The tension mechanism tightens the strapping belt and sticks it tightly on the surface of the package, the locking mechanism will fix the strap tight, and finally the packer will cut the strap. The power of the baler is air source, adopt push-buckle pneumatic bunching. With combined structure, easy to adjust, high operation efficiency, strong and firm packaging, safe and reliable, strong and durable characteristics, general suspension use, bale with strip steel, plastic steel strip, full plastic strip. It is widely used for packing and binding various specifications of steel coil, pipe, plate, profile, ingot and other metal products, as well as packaging and binding of paper industry, chemical industry, wood products, chemical fiber, tobacco and other industries.
 Technical parameters:
-- Strap material: strip steel, plastic steel strip (PET), full plastic strip (PP)
-- Strap size: width 13~32 mm (width)×0.38~1.2mm (thickness) (Steel strip)
-- Strap size: width 13~25 mm (width)×0.5~1.5mm (thickness) (PET/ PP)
-- Compressed air pressure: 0.45~0.6MPa (Steel strip), 0.5~0.8 MPa (PET/ PP)
-- Tensioning force: ≥4.9KN/0.6MPa (Steel strip), ≥2.7kN/0.7MPa (PET/PP)
-- Tensioning speed: 5.3m/min (Steel strip)
-- Tensile stress of the seal: ≥6.3KN (Steel strip)
-- Strap sealing: by iron buckle, friction hot fusion

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