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Weighing controller

Weighing controller

The weighing controller is integrated with weighing and control function, and is compatible with industrial field buses. It can work in combination with PLC and DCS that are frequently used in the field, and fits for checkweigher, weighing machine, weight tester and various weighing control equipment.

The weighing controller receives the output signal from the load cell. When the weight value indicated on the scale reaches the setpoint, the controller outputs a control signal to the actuator. Its high-performance anti-vibration filtering function is capable of preventing the errors resulted from scale body vibration, and it is able to perform high speed (over 100m/min) check-weighing, and high-speed sampling (via dual-core A/D chips) technologies, as well as multiple mode sorting. The other advantages of the controller include high speed and accuracy, stable and reliable performance. The product is applicable for a variety of check-weighing and sorting control operating on automatic hopper scales, packaging scales, inspection scales, etc.
Technical parameters
-- Verification scale interval: 3000e
-- Indication scale interval: 1000000 d
-- Input signal: -1.5~20 mV
-- Temperature coefficient: 2 ppm/℃
-- Non-linearity: 0.005%
-- Service temperature: -30~+60℃

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