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FRP tank
FRP tank
FRP tank
FRP tank

FRP tank

•  Made of spiral winding glass fiber reinforced plastic and resin materials, vertical or horizontal tank.

•  Design flexibility, corrosion- and pressure- and temperature- resistant, anti-aging, anti-UV, cost-effective.

•  Suitable for storing various corrosive acid, alkali medium, organic solution or other chemical solutions.

•  Used as chemical storage tank, hydrochloric acid tank, sulfuric acid tank, alkali tank, reaction tank, etc.

FRP tank is made of non-metallic composite materials through mechanical spiral winding, and are always used to store various types of acids, alkalis or other chemical medium liquid. The design flexibility, excellent wall structure and performance, different varieties and types, and sizes of the tanks are available, mainly including vertical and horizontal storage tanks, tansport tank and reaction tank. The storage tank is composed of tank cover, tank barrel, tank bottom, and various nozzles for connection. The tanks stand out for good mechanical strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, heat resistance, anti-aging, anti-permeability and anti-ultraviolet function, cost-effective. They are widely used in chemical, medicine, metallurgy, petroleum, water treatment, surface treatment, food industries. Storage tanks are used as industrial chemical storage tank, acid storage tank, food tank, alkali tank, brewing tank, etc.
Technical parameter:
--Material: FRP, PVC/FRP, PP/FRP, PVDF/FRP and other composite FRP
--Working temperature: ≤100℃
--Storage tank diameter: ≤25000mm
--Designing pressure: Atmospheric storage tank, pressure storage tank
--Stored medium: various acid, alkali, salt, wastewater, oil, solvent, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
--Type of tank: Vertical tank, horizontal tank, transport tank and reaction tank, etc.

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