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CCD linear scanning sensor

CCD linear scanning sensor

The CCD linear scanning sensor is capable of accurately detecting the strip edge and center positions, it constitutes strip edge position control system together with the control system and servo valve to achieve automatic strip centering during operation to keep the strip edge always running within the allowable deviation range.

The sensor probe measures the displacement of the strip edge continuously, and inputs the position deviation signal of the strip to the control system. The output of the electrical control system is connected with the electro-hydraulic servo valve, which is used for actuating the hydraulic cylinder connected to the coiler, so that the coiler will follow up the strip feeding position, and the strip will be coiled with edge aligned for straight-sided coiling. Such fast response and high accuracy CCD linear scanning sensor features automatic detection operation, long service life and good stability. CCD linear scanning sensor is widely used for online centering of different types of strip in the production lines of machinery, metallurgical, electroplating and other industries.
Technical parameter
-- Sensor resolution: 3×5340 pixels (CCD color sensor)
-- Sub-pixel resolution: CCD 30000, max. coefficient: 6
-- Graphic display resolution: 128×64 pixels, active display area: 55×27.5mm
-- Ambient temperature: 0~45℃
-- Protection degree: IP54

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