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Overrunning clutch coupling

Overrunning clutch coupling

•  The clutch automatically overruns or transmits torque for precise positioning and prevents reversal.

•  Its advantage is one-way self-locking reliable, reverse relief light, large bearing capacity.

•  The main structure is wedge block type, containing two sets of bearing support structure.

•  Used in mechanical transmission mechanism of various industries, also known as backstop or one-way bearings.

The overrunning clutch coupling automatically engages and disengages by using the rotation speed change of the driving part and the driven part or the rotation direction change, and it is also called wedge block type backstop or one-way bearing in some industries. The clutch can realize the fast and slow speed conversion, the overrunning function and the indexing function of step clearance movement and precise positioning; realize reliable one-way self-lock and backstop function, reverse release is convenient and easy. The main structural form is wedge block type, containing two sets of bearing support with large bearing capacity. It is widely used in mechanical transmission mechanism of machine tools, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, lifting transportation, light industry and other industries.
Technical parameters
-- Overrunning limit speed: 50~1000r/min
-- Rated torque: 30~25000Nm
-- Axis hole diameter/outer ring diameter: 8~350/40~450mm
-- Connection form: key, bolt, gear, belt wheel, chain wheel and flange connection, etc
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