Glass reinforced plastic roof fan

Glass reinforced plastic roof fan

•  The roof fan has both the fan function and the wind and rain prevention function, and prevents air backflow.

•  There are axial flow, centrifugal, no power turbine, ordinary, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion types.

•  Compact structure, small inertia, anti-corrosion, anti-pressure, anti-aging, long life, easy installation.

•  Used in industrial and civil buildings, used as roof exhaust air, ventilation and residual heat discharge. 

The glass reinforced plastic roof fan has both the fan function and the wind and rain prevention function, and prevents air backflow, is composed of impeller, air duct, vent cowl, motor, safety net, etc., and adopts olive-shaped widened long arc crimped blades. There are three types: axial flow type is suitable for medium and low pressure, large flow rate, centrifugal type for lower air volume and higher pressure, and non-power turbine type is that special arc blades are driven by internal and external air pressure difference to rotate with the shaft to discharge indoor air; The roof fan has ordinary type, explosion-proof type, anti-corrosion type. It features compact structure, stable operation, small moment of inertia, high dynamic balance accuracy, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, anti-aging, light weight, long life, easy installation and so on. The fan impellers can be made of different materials and designed with different structures according to the different media to be exhausted. It is suitable for roof ventilation and residual heat discharge in industrial and civil buildings.
Technical Parameters
-- Fan capacity: 1000~120000m3/h
-- Fan pressure: 62~720Pa
-- Impeller diameter: (Ø300~ Ø1120mm)
-- Driving mode: drive directly coupled with the rotor
-- Material: carbon steel, FRP, ABS plastic, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, etc
-- DWT-Ⅰ~Ⅲ

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