Drum type gear coupling

Drum type gear coupling

•  Designed with slight angular and radial compensation, and reliable operation.

•  Complex structure and processing technology, and the manufacturing accuracy is high and difficult.

•  Large bearing capacity, noise, can not buffer shock absorption.

•  Suitable for large torque transmission and heavy duty machinery in various industries.

This kind of coupling often used to connect two shafts or to transfer torque and motion between shafts and rotating parts. Compared with other types of same size couplings, the drum type gear coupling provides the largest torque transmission, more reliable performance, high loading capacity. It is designed with angular and radial compensation, and is required with high manufacture accuracy because of its complex structure and processing technology. It is suitable for large transmission torque and heavy load machinery, widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, vehicle and ship, electronics, aircraft and other industries.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque: 0.355~4000kNm
-- Allowable speed: 4000~460r/min
-- Shaft hole diameter: 16~1040mm
-- Shaft hole length: 38~1100mm
Lectotype series
-- GⅡCL1~25 double gear/ GⅡCLZ1~25 single gear

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