Elastic pin coupling

Elastic pin coupling

•   It can compensate the offset of two shafts of transmission.

•   Nylon elastic elements, which have high strength and wear resistance characteristics.

•   Good buffering, high transmission torque, with brake wheel structure.

•   Used in lifting transport machinery, metallurgical, mining equipment and other heavy transmission machinery.


Elastic pin coupling is able to compensate relative offset of the two shafts at some extent and has general vibration damping function. Characterized by simple structure, easy maintenance and long service life, it can partially replace gear couplings. It is suitable for lifting transport machinery, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment and other heavy transmission machinery.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque: 315~25000Nm
-- Allowable speed: 5600~710r/min
-- Shaft hole diameter: 20~180mm
-- Shaft hole length: 38~242mm
-- Working temperature: -20~70℃
Lectotype series
-- Model JWLZ1~23

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