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Universal coupling

Universal coupling

•  Universal coupling cross has large angular and radial compensation performance.

•  Adopt integral fork structure, large bearing capacity.

•  The axial structure is non-telescopic and shorter.

•  Used in transmission machinery, lifting and transporting machinery and other heavy machinery.

The universal coupling is mainly used to connect two transmission shafts of different axes. It is of integrated fork design which provides high loading capacity and transmission efficiency. This kind of coupling has strong bearing capacity and high transmission efficiency, various structure forms, convenient installation and maintenance adjustment, and is used in rolling machinery, including transport machinery, electric power, building materials, chemical industry and other heavy machinery.
Technical parameters
-- Rated torque transmission: 1.25~710kNm
-- Swiveling diameter 100~550mm
-- Axis angle: 15°~25°
-- Normal length: 350~4000mm
Lectotype series
-- Model: SWC100~620/SWP160~640/SWZ160~550

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