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Electro-hydraulic block brake

Electro-hydraulic block brake

•  Electro-hydraulic block brake has high braking efficiency and flexible action.

•  Designed with no asbestos liner, equal backspace of tiles, automatic compensation for liner wear.

•  The electro-hydraulic block brake is driven by electro-hydraulic thrust and has a long life.

•  The braking mechanism is driven by electro-hydraulic thrust and has a long life.

•  Suitable for deceleration and parking braking of various mechanical driving devices.

Electro-hydraulic block brake is designed with no asbestos liner. It is equipped with automatic compensation mechanism for brake liner wearing. It drives the brake mechanism by electro-hydraulic thrust. In addition to the advantages of reliable performance, high braking efficiency, flexible action, easy maintenance and long service life. This kind of brake is widely used for in lifting, metallurgy, mining, ports, docks, construction and other mechanical driving devices of deceleration and parking brake.
Technical parameters
-- Rated braking torque: 180~3200Nm
-- Brake wheel diameter 100~800mm
-- Pusher stroke: 50, 60mm
Lectotype series

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