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Capacitive sensor

Capacitive sensor

Capacitive sensors are used for non-contact and wear-free detection of metallic (conductive) and non-metallic (non-conductive) in the applications of position detection, overflow detection, leak detection or pump idling protection, as well as level monitoring of liquid and bulk goods.

With capacitor as sensing element, capacitive sensor is a device that converts the measured physical or mechanical variables to capacitance variables to provide non-contact and wear-free detection of the objects . It features by simple structure, sound dynamic response, high sensitivity, and good temperature stability. the sensor can measure parameters changing at high-speed, and can work in harsh environments with high/low temperatures, strong radiation and strong magnetic fields, thus it is widely used for measurement of displacement, angle, vibration, speed and pressure, and analysis of composition and medium characteristics.
Technical parameter
-- Rated sensing distance: 3~30mm
-- Voltage range: 20~250VAC, 10~65VDC
-- Output function: NO, NC, programmable through connection
-- Output type: PNP, NPN, 2-wire AC
-- Installation: flush, non-flush
-- Shape: cylindrical metal or plastic, or cylindrical, square, flat square PVDF 
-- Working temperature: -25~+70℃

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