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Differential pressure controller

Differential pressure controller

The differential pressure controller provides differential pressure monitoring, alarming, interlocking control, and logic protection for circulating cooling, regeneration, lubrication, filtration and other pressure balance and comparison systems to achieve automatic control of differential pressure. Differential pressure controller is widely used in the automatic control system of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment of metallurgical, machinery, chemical and other industries.

Installed with diaphragm sensor, the differential pressure controller is designed with two pressure input ports. When the differential pressures reach a setpoint and overcomes the preset reference force, it pushes the actuator to control the circuit. By changing the preset reference force, it is possible to obtain different measuring ranges. The controller featuring reliable design, sound anti-vibration performance, sensitive action, provides accurate and reliable control, and operates stably with very small driving error. Differential pressure controller is waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof and corrosion resistant, suitable for gaseous and liquid media. Different types of products are available. 
Technical parameters
-- Pressure control range: 0.01~1.0MPa
-- Accuracy: ±1% FS
-- Working medium viscosity: <1×10-3m2/s
-- Medium temperature: -20~120℃
-- Ambient temperature: -20~40℃
-- Protection degree: IP65

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